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2000 R1100RT Clutch Slipping


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Two weeks ago I purchased an R1100RT from a dealership. I flew in and rode 625 miles home. On the way home I noticed the clutch was slipping a couple of times from a 4th or 5th gear roll on. The next day when I went to go for a ride I saw frayed steel belts sticking through the rear tire. When I picked up the bike I glanced at the tire and saw that it was about shot but they assured me I had 3K miles of tread left and the bike was ready to roll.


I assumed that since I was purchasing from a BMW dealership that I had nothing to worry about. Afterall, they have qualified BMW technicians working on their bikes, right?


After replacing the tire the clutch slips when I get into the throttle or do a higher gear roll on. Would a clutch be gone in 25K miles? There was no end play at the lever so I adjusted the end play. Are there any other adjustments that could help with the slippage? It appears that BMW uses an automotive type clutch that should last a long time.


I also discovered the hard way, (at inspection), that the inboard pad on the rear brake had 27 thousands of pad left, scary close to ruining the rotor. Again, I gave entirely too much cred to the fact that the dealer assured me there was absolutely nothing to worry about on this bike. I ran to Bob's and bought a set of pads and changed those. It seems like rear pads would last longer than 25,000 miles. I had an 88 FLHTC that I sold with 52,000 miles and original brakes and it flew through inspection.


On the bright side I've put almost 2,000 miles on the RT since 6/24, and it sat for 5 days whie I waited for a tire. I really love this bike and will probably be a BMW owner for life.


Any and all advice/help will be greatly appreciated. I intend to do all work myself.

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There was no end play at the lever so I adjusted the end play.
That could have been what killed it if it ran that way for an extended time. Could be a worn clutch disk, or an oil-contaminated clutch disk. Either way it looks like you're going in there. Certainly doable on your own but I know that's not exactly what you had in mind so soon. Lots of help available here if you need it.


Will the dealer give you any assistance considering that the bike's condition was not as advertised?

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