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Hello from Dawson City (AK trip - first week or so . . . )

Doug 55

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2200 and some miles into the Alaska motorcycle adventure brings us to Dawson City after travels through WA, BC including a side trip to the amazing scenery of Hyder Alaska.


Hyder is techincally part of Alaska but kind of "tacked on" ;-) to west BC so we are yet to arrive at Alaska proper ... another day or so should do it though. Upcoming routes / destinations include the "top of the world" highway and Denali National Park. It is currently TBD if the return trip will be a reverse route or taking the Inland Passage ferry home.


The weather has been *great* so far with almost continuous sunshine and mid to upper 70's temps. There have been occasional thundershowers and wayyyy to many mosqitoes for most of the trip (much better the last couple of days though). Weather for the next week or so is not quite so great but no major rain or storms predicted.



























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I was up there 2 weeks ago, had a wonderful time.


If you are doing the Top-of-the-World, it's going to take longer than you think. Lot's of stops to take pics.


Have fun...

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Thanks for the glacier pic comment Steve ... I liked it although Tina H. said it looks like a bear's a**hole ! ! (I'm not quite sure why she knows what one looks like ?!?)


Just rolled past 3,000 trip miles today going up the Dalton highway to get the obligitory picture at the Artic Circle sign ! Weather has held up 100% great so far, it was 81 degrees in Fairbanks yesterday.


TBD if riding the whole way back or taking the ferry, probably the ferry if available without reservations.

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