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Rebuilding Ohlins Shocks for a K1200RS


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Has anyone here had to have their Ohlins shocks rebuilt? My K1200RS has 103,000 km with about 45,000 of those km on a set of Ohlins. They seem fine, still doing their job.


Any advice is appreciated.

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Not yet but if I do, I'll have Stig @ PPS (714) 630-4777, do them for me.

I've only got 15,000 miles on mine right now. I need to ride more often. tongue.gifStig's place

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And don't forget, shocks gradually degrade overtime and we tend to compensate our riding as they do. It wouldn't hurt to send them to someone like PPS or Kyle's and get them rebuilt. The biggest delay will be your method of shipping to and from.

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