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Small dilemma about 6000-mile service


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How wide is the zone of tolerance on the 6000-mile service for the R12RT? I have 5700 miles at present and want to make a trip of 1000+ miles between now and the appointment for my service appointment (busiest time of the year where I bought the bike). It's a simple matter to change the oil and filter at the proper time, but what about the rest of the scheduled service? Anthing there that cannot wait until approx. 7000 miles?

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I just got back from a trip out west and did mine today. 7028 miles. The mechanic and service manager said it was fine and they had no issues with it. It does seem to run smoother since the service. $287.00

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I'm at roughly 3000mi. now. Wife and I plan to go on 7000+ mile trip starting July 28. This would put me over 9000mi. by the time I get back. Would I better off having the it serviced at 4000mi. before I leave or just change oil/filter before I leave on trip and have serviced when I get back, but with 9000+ mi. on bike.


As it is I'll need to put on new tires befor we leave on trip because the ones I have won't last throught the trip.

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9000 miles seems to be pushing it a bit in my opinion - I waited until 8500 miles for my second service after having the first one done at about 1000 (I change my own oil). The technician commented that the valves were definitely loose at the second service visit. It would probably not be a major issue to wait, but you might consider having the service done while on your trip if you overnight in a city with a good dealer.



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Couldn't get an opening at the dealer as I approached 6K. Made the appointment, but by the time that day arrived, I was at ~9800. Just substituted the 12K for the 6K service.

FYI, at over 15K, I'm due for another 6K. This time I asked the service manager if I could change the oil myself and let the rest slide to 18K in order to get back on the routine. He said it should be no problem. YMMV


BTW, it made a tremendous difference in performance and vibrations.

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I just got back from New England and Canada and rolled in with 7300 miles on the odometer. I had the bike serviced yesterday at Blue Moon BMW and absolutely no problems. I also had the two recalls taken care of. I will need tires probably in the next 2000-3000 miles.



'05 RT

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Remember guys, that the '6000 mile' service may not need be at exactly 6K miles. It's due at 6K miles from the previous service, that is to say, at 6000 mile intervals . So if the first service was at, say, 850 miles, then I suppose that it's OK to go up to 6850 for the '6K' service.


PS - I'm willing to be shot down on this one grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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