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BMW wiring harness to Garmin 2610


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I am trying to power the 2610 I have from the BMW power source that is used for the "stock-modified BMW 2610" . The stock power source lead has been identified in front of ignition after info provided in prior GPS posts. After sitting down with friendly BMW gal and looking at endless choices we could not figure what the correct cable to order. I realize that I can power to battery. I prefer to try and use this available power that is close to where i will mount the gps.


Do you have a BMW part # for this or another source for a proper cable that will enable stock power source to 2610.

Thank you very much, I have made several phone calls and a couple of hours searching without success, any help appreciated.

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I dont think you will find a BMW specific part for this. What form is the power source you are looking at? a single wire, or a plug of some kind?


any GPS store online should have the hard wire 2610 wireharness, which has a fused hot and ground wire at the end, I would think you could wire that to your power source, splice into the wire behind the plug if you dont want to lose that capability in the future.

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thanks, i priced that cable today at my dealer, $135///insane! I may do as the other poster suggested and just splice in prior the the plug

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I use the Garin mortorcycle cable on my 2730, it will fit the 26xx or 27xx series. It's just two wires in a sheath, fused hot and ground. I snaked it back to the battery (hot all the time and ground to the frame. Very simple and cheap too. $35 from Garmin, chaeper on eBay.

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