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HJC Windlight


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"Attach the Windlight to your helmet using the adhesive tape provided and let the wind do the rest! As you ride, the wind goes through the front of the intake grill causing the internal turbine to power 8 bright LED lights. Active at speeds as low 25 MPH. Wind powered, no batteries required."




I am intrigued. Any experience with these?



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Ad copy says it's "active at speeds as low as 25 mph" - I would think the real need for a light such as this would be at speeds lower than 25. You won't get any increased visibility in city traffic and at stop lights where you need it if it doesn't work below 25. Also the device could have a negitive effect on the areodynamics of your helmet - maybe, maybe not.

But, if it's cheap it sure couldn't hurt

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Would it work with the RT windshield up, I doubt it. Most of the air I feel with the windshield raised is from back to front. If the fan spins backwards it might create a black hole that will suck my brains out...ouch! dopeslap.gif

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Not to punk this discussion but what happens at 110 MPH? If this thing doesn’t peel off, will the light burn a hole through the Ozone at high speeds?

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Gyroscopic precession will tear your head off when you look to change lanes at any speed over 110.


I don’t want to sound to anal but Gyroscopic Precession is the change verses reaction in the rotor blades of a helicopter. An example would be if the action you are looking for happens at the 12 o’clock position the event has to take place at 9 o’clock, unless it’s a French chopper, than the event happens at 3 o’clock (in anycase 90 degrees later).


I flew commercial for several years. Checked out on Bell 207, Hughs 500/530, S58T, and A-Star… Been out for about 15 years.


Now where did you get the expression? Fellow rotorhead by chance?

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I recognize that the term is a phenomenon with broad applications, however I personally have never heard it related to anything other than rotor wing. Just thought I’d ask…


Eff, I’m sorry for the left turn, sometimes you see something that has to be checked out, ya know?


On our topic, I noticed that at night these lights appear to come to a point. I’m not sure I would want a conehead light on my helmet… strange idea.


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Mike: all propellers exhibit GP, as do toy tops and bicycle/motorcycle wheels. Most people will only say "gyroscopic action", but that's (obviously) different than the correct term of "precession"...





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