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BMW Launch r1200r


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If this bike had been available when I purchased my RT, I probably would have gotten it instead. The RT has a little too much wind protection in the summer.


From the photos, it looks like it has a steering damper installed on the left side.

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I loved my old 1995 R850R but not as much as my new rt. It's a much better bike, but then the r1200r has all the new technology. I'll keep judgement on it's looks until I see one in the flesh. I don't think I'd have waited for it though.

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Some R1200R details I've noticed, The tyres seem to be a new pattern Michelins, I use to ride MEZ3 and $'s but much prefer the BT020's I have now. There is no pillion grabrail! Just a seat strap, enless you buy pannier rails. Hydrolic Clutch from the RT as well as the same rt panniers? although it's got a kick up exhaust so there may be a cut our.

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finally proof that they can still make a boxer that doesn't look like something out of a Buck Rogers movie.

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