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Which flasher/relay for Hazards?


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2001 R100RTP


I don't have a hazard switch, but according to the specifications, the RTP came with hazard flasher. I can get a switch, but that brings up a couple of questions:

1. Where does the wire from the switch plug in to under the dash?

2. Is there an additional relay or flasher that I need to install/locate?

2b. If yes, then where should I look for this thing?



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As an alternative replacing the standard can with a Kissan Signal minder can also provide a hazard option which I believe on your bike is activated by activating both turn signal switches at the same time.


I have an 01 R1150RT which does have a hazard switch (button) but with the Kissan fitted I can activate the hazards either by the standard button or as described above.


The Kissan provides other benefits such as running lights and three timed self canceling indicator options. Each feature is able to be turned on or off on the fly.


I installed one because with my tank bag fitted I cannot easily see the idiot lights and wanted the self cancel feature to make sure my idicators go off.

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I found the wire/plug for the hazards. cool.gif


The plug was wiretied to the left side, way up under the windshield area. The only way to find it was to remove the headlight/front fairing.


Key identifiers were: open two wire socket, hot lead matched the wiring diagram colors, and was hot when the ignition was on.

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Let us know when you have it working. I've got the hazard switch, but it's not hooked up. I haven't looked into it as that it's not on the master list of things to do.

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According to my Clymers manual schematic, pressing the hazard warning switch would connect ground to the flasher unit (same unit used for turn signals) via the yellow with brown stripe wire. Not certain about wire color (schematic colors are not great). No separate flasher module appears to be used. My 2003 has slightly different arrangement where switch is part of larger "multifunction switch", but basically the same deal. Good luck!

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It's working. Well, sort of. The switch I'm using isn't working quite right...so I get the flashers when I half-press the switch! LOL.


The wire color is actually yellow w/ PURPLE stripe. I thought it was brown too from looking at the Clymers. eek.gif


I will be looking for switches at the MOA rally. wave.gif

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Hey thanks for the Woodie. I'll be removing all that stuff to swap out my headlight unit soon, may as well hook up my hazards while I'm in there. So where exactly is this socket and what does it look like?? Thanks again



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This is where I found my cononector wire-tied. The socket matches exactly to the Hazard Switch I bought from BeemerBoneyard, as well as the horn/siren switch connector.

Overview shot:


Closeup #1:


Closeup #2:


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So THAT'S what that socket is!!!


Brilliant Woodie smile.gif I award you today's "helpful chap" award smile.gif


That's another little job to add to the list and it will be great to have hazards. Makes you wonder why they weren't hooked up from the start?


Thanks again


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Like others, my RT-P came with blanking cover where a 4-way flasher hazard switch is on the civilian version of the bike.


I'm considering buying a 4-way flasher switch to gain hazard flashers function, but I'm wondering if I can skip having to buy that and instead get the hazard flasher function just by pressing both turnsignal switches at the same time. I tried it and I can temporarily get hazard flashers, but.... only as long as I keep my thumbs pressed against both switches. As soon as I let go, just the left or the right turn indicator flashes and it becomes a turn signal.


Is this consistent with what others are seeing? Do I have to buy the 4-way switch to have hazard flashers?




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Well, I tried the two-switches routine, but couldn't get the hazards to come on. The switch is $15 from beemerboneyard. Find the connector (it's there somewhere--see the pics above), plug it in, reassemble tupperware, and you're good to go.

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