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Loose side case on my RT


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Just finished packing the two side cases for my vacation.

I'm leaving tomorrow for the Magdalene Islands in the Gulf of St Lawrence. wave.gif

I noticed (for the first time) that the right hand side case is 'wobbly' compared to the left side case.

Not enough to fall off, IMHO, but I don't like loose luggage, especially with all the wife's expensive clothing in it. If I lost the side case, I'd probably have to sell the bike to re-imburse her for the clothes smirk.gif

Anyone ever witness this on their R1200RT?

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Both my sidecases are a little loose with about 5-10mm of freeplay in them.

I have read in another forum that an owner in the US had his cases replaced under warranty as they were so loose they could come off.

The question is how loose is too loose.

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