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Brass inserts in faring


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Hello all,


I'm looking for 2 of the brass inserts that are pressed into the plastic mount points that hold the headlight assembly to the inside of the front faring on an R1100RS.

BMW tells me that these are only available with a new faring. So, if anyone has an old crashed faring that the inserts might be scavenged from, that would be helpful.

These might be use on other models as well, probably older RT's


Any other suggestions for replaceing these would be helpful as well.




Tom Graybael



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These are commercially available -- I found this example by Googling 'brass thread insert'. This side of the pond, they are available in small quantities from hobby shops.


To prevent the replacement from pulling straight out, I'd suggest filling the hole with JB Weld or similar and redrilling the hole to the correct size. The insert is designed to expand when the thread is filled by a screw and it is important that the screw is the correct length. It should fill the insert, without bottoming in the blind hole, in order to expand the insert by the correct amount.

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Tom, you may want to look



The only trouble you may have is getting the old one out, as you may make the hole too big for an M3 size insert to fit. So you will have to fill the hole, let it set and drill a new hole, as the inserts splay themselves open into the surrounding plastic for their grip thumbsup.gif

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