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2000 1100rt clutch lever play


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Hi guys

Quick question:


Should the clutch lever free play be 7mm or 10mm on this?


I know it was originally one setting but BMW changed it... can't remember which way 'round though


God Bless


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Three steps;

1 Adjust the distance between the lever side clutch cable ferrel and lock nut to 12mm. This should remain set adjustment.

2 Loosen 13mm lock nut at rear of gearbox and Adjust the 10mm bolt it locks to get

3 7mm freeplay between the front lever and housing Gap.


Once you have the 7mm gap lock the 13mm nut at the rear of the gear box and you are done. getting to that lock nut and bolt can be a real PITA. what works for me is a 1/4 drive rachet and long extension (wobble works great), a 1/4 drive universal deep 13mm socket, and a universal 10 mm socket. Any thing that gets you around the rear suspension and wheel from the right side will work.


Note: do this while the bike is cool. The freeplay will reduce with a heated clutch and clutch wear. thumbsup.gif

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