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The Rewards of Dealing with Top-Notch Vendors


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While I'm generally a cheapskate, I'm occasionally reminded of the value in dealing with top-notch companies. Andy Goldfine, the founder of Aerostich, no doubt cruises the waters of Lake Superior in a yacht purchased with the profits of stuff he's sold me. But, I wish him nothing but blue skies and calm waters.


His stuff's that good. Or, more to the point, his service is outstanding.


Last year, I purchased a pair of gray Darien pants, to replace a black pair that I found too hot. I didn't use them much last year, but pulled them out for the Unrally trip. They had been hanging inside my Darien jacket and, much to my surprise, the seat of the pants, which had been hanging against the backpad in my jacket, was badly discolored. As best I can guess, the foam in the pad was outgassing and caused bleaching of the pants' fabric.


Well, I sent the pants, the jacket, and the backpad into Aerostich, with no real proof that it was the backpad that caused it (apart from my word). Within a couple of days, I got a call from Scott (Aerostich repairs dept.) who said, in essence: "By golly, we've never seen anything like this, but it looks like being in contact with the backpad caused the discoloration. We'd like to send you a new backpad and a new pair of pants. By the way, we've got a new color of gray available--would you prefer that or the old greenish/gray? And, just for causing you this trouble, we're going to send you a t-shirt. Take a look at the catalog, and let me know which one you'd like."


The Aerostich/RiderWearhouse stuff is awfully good, but their level of service is even better. If you're torn between their products and someone else's, you might want to consider this as the potential tiebreaker.


And, now for the standard disclaimer: No affiliation, no freebies, no relationship to the owner(s). Just a happy customer. thumbsup.gif

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I'll say ditto to that Mike. I haven't spent really big bucks with them but the service and the product is always top notch. An added bonus is the humor in the Aerostitch catalogs. They're fun reading on their own.

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I agree that their service is great and their products are extremely functional but goooooolly their jackets sure are stiff. Two years now including Copper Canyon through a lot of snow and rain (getting there and back) and at least a half dozen washings and it's still quite stiff. I'd really love to love it but I'm having difficulty.

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No doubt about it: their products are great, service even better. Been a stich one-piece ATTGATT rider for years. And 3 years ago when they advertised (quietly) the 20th anniversary "very boring rally" I just had to make the ride out there (from Phila). Went to the factory, then out to the rally site, and met a field full of eclectic riders from all over. No one else even comes close.



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W. Mazelin

I have a well worn pair of Darien Pants, I used to wear them when I commuted to school, work, and for some touring. When one of the leg-zippers broke, I sent them for repair. The job was done correctly and quickly. They even retaped and sealed all the seams. An excellent outfitter for sure.

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Two weeks before I was due to go ride the Alps, I hit a deer and destroyed my Stich. It was June, and there was a 10 week wait for new suits. They checked my suit to see it it could be repaired, told me it was a goner, and got me a new suit before I left. Both the protection it gave in my crash and the service they gave me have made me a true beleiver.

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