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Dutch TV News releases Rider's Advisory !


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Something 'new' caught my attentin yesterday when briefly watching the evening news and subsequent weather forecast.


The forecaster warned drivers AND motorcyclists that the roads could become VERY SLIPPERY after expected rainfall.

More so than usual, because we've had a long spell of dry weather, allowing sand and oil deposits to settle in the roads surfaces, making it like 'ice' when it finally starts to rain !


Be careful out there ! wave.gif



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Yes, this is a very familiar occurance in the fall in California when it hasn't rained for several months, the roads actually foam up from the detergents in the deposited oil, it's amazing the first time you see it. It is definitely slippery.

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Kudos to the news team to think it important to warn bikers! Give someone a gold star for that one! grin.gif

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Here in LA (That's Louisiana for those of you on the wrong coast), we got our drought-breaking storm on July 4. Nobody even thought to warn the cage drivers, judging by the number of wrecks reported. Fortunately, most bikers round here are either smart enough to know better or wouldn't dream of going out in the rain under any circumstances - it makes their tattoos wash off smile.gif

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This is a great reminder.


Even 4-wheeled vehicles can have major loss-of-traction problems at the start of a rainfall, when it hasn't rained for some time. (Don't ask me how I know that smile.gifsmile.gif )


Two wheelers can have tragic results if you are not careful....



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