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Arkansas Dealer Experience


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In my most recent travels from San Antonio to Pennsylvania.....I made an unforced error....I had not ridden nor seen my bike in several weeks.....therefore I did not check the tire wear before hastily taking off 7 hours late for my trip to Pa.......


The next mornin while doing my pre-ride check of the bike I notice a strange color coming from the middle of my rear tire.....upon closer inspection I realized it was the threads.....I had no tire left.....I laughed to myself for a minute and then hit the GPS dealer locator.....97 miles to Little Rock BMW




I made it safe and sound and was quickly greeted by more than one person asking if they could help....When I explain the problem I was put to the head of the line.....it was around 1pm and I had not eatin a thing all day.....I asked the lovely lady behind the counter where the nearest place to eat was....she hesitated for a second and ask the gentlemen next to her to cover for her while she drove me to the nearest restaurant(about 10 blocks away).....A long the way she informed me that her husband Jim owned the dealership.....and that they built the shop with traveler in mind....a Large couch(which I took a little nap on after lunch) with big screen TV....showers,towels and a policy of helping travelers first......


I wish all dealership were like Little Rock BMW


A special Thanks to..


Lynn Willbanks for the ride to lunch

Jim Willbanks for having such a great dealership

Scott, Anthony,Dale, Craig,Julius "Rajun Cajun" Ceasear



and a very special gentle that worked extra hard on my bike suspension so the head lights were no longer pointed at the tree tops....I love that silver streak in your hair...



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Good on ya Whip. Too often there are posts that rant about a dealer. It's nice to see such a positive write-up. thumbsup.gif

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Wow, Julius "Rajun Cajun" Ceasear. Was he about 6' and a little heavy set and in his late 40's? If so, we worked together in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and later out of Lafayette, Louisiana.......oilfield related. With such an unusual name, it would almost have to be him.

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Thanks for the posting. I am leaving July 16th for a ride down through Arkansas. It's good to know that QUALITY help is available. clap.gif

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That would be him, did he have a little gray patch in his hair? I guess I am a "little" biased but I have always left this establishment with a smile on my face. I have owned a lot of motorcycles in my 50 years and no dealership regardless of brand can touch them.

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