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Who makes this GPS mount?


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What in the world! Holy crap that thing is ugly. I'll never consider my homemade mount to be ugly again. Mine is art compared to that thing. grin.gif

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Jerry Johnston

I doubt if you'd normally see that view. Did you tip it up to take the photo? Looks like it could be a very good mount however I don't care for the way it appears to be mounted on only one bolt when it could have easily been four. I doubt if vibration is an issue but it looks like it would be easy to break the mount off forcibly.

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it was a pic off another site, I am trying to figure out if i have any use for the tourtech mount i have from a prior bike. Seems like a handle bar tech mount may be the easiest but not really my preference. I don't want to take apart the bike or drill into anything but would prefer more of a heads up display that doesn't interfere with the use of a tank bag.

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