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Smell of Gas


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Lately I have been smelling gas on my RT. Pulled the plastic off and checked hoses and connections. Checked the tank but nothing. Anyone have any ideas.



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Did you turn it on so that the fuel system was pressurised? The most likely culprit is a leaky quick disconnect.

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Hi, Robert-


A couple of years ago, a friend of mine had the clip that holds the fuel pipe to the injector come loose and spray him with fuel as he was riding. Take the covers off of the throttle bodies and with the engine idling look around there for leaks.


Could you be overfilling the tank? Maybe your evaporative can/charcoal filter be stopped up? Maybe the gas cap needs to be resealed.


Just a couple of suggestions, I'm sure others have more.



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Double check your cas cap/hatch. They can appear to be locked but can still not be. Press down firmly on it and see it that fixes the problem. May be nothing more serious than that. Good luck.

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On my RT1150 I have often smelled a wiff of gas but never found a cause although i think that I overfil a bit. Fill up on centre stand then when on side stand it is likey that a little gas flows down the drain hole in the filler. This has also happened on my old Superhawk and blackbird.

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I think the quick disconnects would be your first culprit. I had a drip-drip from them recently. I never did find the crack, but replacing them solved the problem.


After I fixed that, I was refilling the gas tank with the fuel I had siphoned out into a gas can. Unknown to me, a small amount of fuel went down the overflow tube and drained on to the garage floor. I was in a momentary state of panic later that day when, thinking my leak was resolved, I smelled gas in the garage and saw a small spot on the garage floor. Fortunately, all is fixed for now.

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It could also be a loose clamp under the tank, where the fuel hoses connect to the fuel pump and filter assembly. That happened to my bike recently.

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