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Washington-Mt Rainer


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Indulge me, before I post to my site for the world to see. I'm still learning new software, but things seem to be getting easier. Thanks for beta testing.

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I hope you enjoyed playing in or little corner of the world. This video lacked good pacing, I think. Each of your entry slides, prior to the photos lasted over 20 seconds each...2:15 for the lot. That was an eternity for me. It took me about 5 seconds to read each one.


I was thinking that you may have mislabeled the video...no Mt Rainier shots! Of course, it's frequently cloudy here. In fact, my sister doesn't believe "The Mountain" exists at all. She says it's just airbrushed for postcards. grin.gif


I'd have more photos & make the dissolves faster.


I hope this criticism helps you! smile.gif

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Thanks steve I'll keep that in mind for the next one.


I couldn't get any shots of the Rainer or Helens, both were socked in hard with fog.

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