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RT-P wiring question


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Okay, folks. I've gone over all the diagrams for all the different specs of RT-P and have yet to find any chokes or ground loop prevention devices on the auxiliary wiring harness. Are the departments using localized power supply chokes on the radios, or are they grounding at a particular point up front somewhere?

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Hello I know very little about power supply chokes other than I believe I have used them when installing a radio in a old car to filter out electrical interference but I could be wrong. But I do have a R1100RT-P and would guest you would not need to use them because the cycle was built for authority use and has different electrical parts then stock. It was built for total elimination of interferences per BMW by the use of suppression ignition coil, plug wires, fuel pump, fuel gauge and suppressed motronic control unit. If any of this were to go wrong on my cycle I would not hesitate to use just the standard parts which should be less costly.

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Don't know the answer to your question, but when I swapped out the $300 RTP ignition coil with a replacement non-RTP $70 coil, I found that the RTP coil had a metal box around the coil, which was grounded by a metal strap to the frame. The non-RTP coil didn't have that grounding strap (or the box), though I suspect the mounting screws serve the same process.


So, as the other guy suggested, I would expect that each and every part on the RTP which could generate interference is individually grounded (except maybe the plugs and wires, which are shielded).

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