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Un-Rally Gunnison Pictures are up


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I am no great picture taker. But I do have a decent camera, and it somewhat compensates for my deficincies.


Anyway they are located at http://etheridgefamily.smugmug.com


No commentary is posted yet, but some of the pics of the actual landscape are nice.


Hope you enjoy


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Thanks for the photos of the Arches Park. I rode past the entrance on my first day out of town. I had an ambitious day planned at 560 miles, so I opted not to stop and ride into the park. It was a good decision, but still, I have never seen the Arches. smile.gif

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Arches Park was incredible, but yea, you made the right decision. If you stopped, it was a minimum 2 hour to just see the basics.

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Yea, last year i spent at least 3 1/2 to four hours in the Arches park and didn't see it all and just down the road a great run up the river

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Nice pics Randy! It was nice to have met you as well as Joel and Chris. thumbsup.gif I was sure glad to get that ride to dinner every night! Thanks again.

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Calvin  (no socks)

Steve,I did Arches as a solo day trip from the Un. It was 90+ at 10:00 when I arrived and spent a whole 45 minutes in full gear. I left quickly, as I was low on fuel... dopeslap.gif

I've done Disney World in 2 hrs...biff bam thank you ma'm... grin.gif

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Good decision Steve. I have been around and through the area and have never grown tired of it. If finances allowed I would be coming to the un-rally this year, but hopefully next year will provide a way.


I love to ride and have logged a mile or two and one thing I have adopted as a mantra, it is better to stop and smell the roses for I may never pass this way again. I would sure hate to miss the beauty that this country (or others) has to offer just for the sake of logging miles.

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Nice job, Randy! I'm still trying to find time to post a ride report, but since getting back I've been up to my armpits in burning aligators. Figuratively speaking, of course.



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