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I think I'm in love with another!


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Well I was supose to pick up my new R12RT last Saturday from BMW Durham. One problem... no heated seat like I ordered. The dealer had two option for me, retro fit the heated seats and controler or wait on a new one from the BMW Canada warehouse to be delivered today and then wait to have it preped for pickup on Saturday. The bonus was I could have one of two demo bikes for the week. The two bikes where the R12S or the ST. My pick was the R12ST.


When I first started to look at BMW's these where the two top picks for me so I wanted to compare.


I think I'm in love! What a great bike! I can't say enough good things about this bike to my friends. Great handling, very comfortable, more then enough power, pulls like a tractor!


I'm sure I'll love the RT just as much if not more then the ST but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for my old flame the R1200ST. bncry.gif


P.S. What a great dealer!!!

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Careful there Steve, the BMW dealers don't keep demo bikes out of the kindness of their hearts. They're all too aware of the addiction which inflicts the riders who enter their establishments! tongue.gif It's just another type of worm on a hook...



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Thank goodness they didn't let me take out a K12S or the new GT! I'd have to get them to write up a new bill!


I better not let the wife demo a 5 series car, that could be big trouble and big $$$. eek.gif

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haa, another victim smile.gif


My case was bit similar, dealer gave me brand new R12ST to drive. And the end result was that I got new bike as I was going to but not what I ordered originally wink.gif


Seems like R12ST wins hearts of it's test riders grin.gif

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