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Thurlow still out of business?


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Thurlow has been by glove of choice but they went out of business last year. I noted that their web site is still functional but the phone number listed doesn't work. Does anyone know if they are back in business? tks

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I am not sure of the details, but from what I have been told. The business was "run" by a lady, who has retired.


The owner has not picked up the ball, yet!

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It looks like Thurlow Leatherworld is no more. I stopped by the suite where they used to be today and it is now a different business. She pointed across the way (to a smaller suite), but that place is closed up, windows shuttered, sign removed, no sign of life and no forwarding address. frown.gif


I also heard the main seamstress (who had been doing 90+% of the work for the last number of years it seemed) finally "retired" and it doesn't look as though the torch has been passed. After 120,000 miles on my last custom thurlow gloves, I've now got to find another source. Bummer! frown.gif


Add to that Steve Asvit is not doing the HoonGloves anymore either--double bummer! frown.giffrown.gif


Time to hit the search engine, I guess. tongue.gif

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I seem to recall there were two Thurlow leather companies at one time....the result of a divorce. The wife got possession of the original company (apparantly the one that recently closed); her ex had a failed venture.


I love my custom Thurlows. Lack of use (which I hope to correct as soon as I find a suitable bike) has them in good condition. An annual mink oil treatment helps too.


The best alternative that I have book-marked is www.leeparksdesign.com . I have no first-hand (pardon the pun tongue.gif ) experience.

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