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Upgrade Walter Dyer Leather Jacket? necessary?


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I inherited a very nice Walter Dyer leather jacket - the "Morrison" I believe. My question is about armor--it has none, other than it being good thick leather. It would just seem common sense that more armor is better? right?

Is it prudent to add armor to this jacket? and if so, how? I've contacted the company and they neither offer armor, nor do they retrofit, but I see on the Vanson site CE armor available that looks like it would work--shoulders/forearms/back.

Any advice appreciated.



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I suggest you google bohn motorcycle armor.


This is armor designed to wear under apparel. I use it under my Langlitz leathers. Langlitz are great leathers but do not offer armor, only padding.


Note of caution; the stuff bohn advertises as "cool" mesh is not all that cool in my experience, can be rather warm.


Regards, RT Fink

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I use the armor that is built into lightweight mesh pants and jacket. They go under any jacket or pant you can fit them under. The mesh pants and jacket are not real strong so you have to be careful putting on and off.


IT IS VERY FLEXIBLE AS i can wear it under my leathers or under a jersey and dirt bike pants for off road. If your so inclined you could wear it under jeans and a levi jacket the, stuff I use is not permanent installed on my leathers.


You might find a seamstress that will modify your liner to hold the armor you are looking at. Check with local racers thy usually know who does good mods to leather reasonaby priced.


RT Fink

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