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I think I am in trouble with my ABS bleed


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I got the bike all tore down and adjusted the valves today. I am hoping to bleed to ABS in the next day or 2 if I have time. Anyway, I was just snooping around to get familiar with everything and see how my "Mini-Stan" fits. Well I was told by someone here that the newer style ABS plug will fit all models. Mine appears to be a bit long. I have an '02. I figure I can just throw on another o-ring or 2 and this will not be a problem. However I have a new problem. While screwing in the ministan I heard a small snap. I took the ministan back out to find that one of the 3 little plastic lips down inside the resevoir snapped off. I am assuming that the rear has 3 lips as I looked at the one for the front circuit and it has 3. How screwed am I? Is this going to be a problem having that in there assuming I don't suck it out while drawing off the old fluid? Any thoughts or ideas on how to take care of this? Thanks, Terry

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I don't quite understand how it snapped, but that is not important until you try the same thing again. Your early model I-ABS did in fact have three level fingers on each reservoir. You will need to fish out that piece so it doesn't possibly block or contaminate the rear circuit pump. I would suggest a hemostat or similar long needle nose pliers. A small LED light would be helpful if you can't spot it. You will likely have to drain the fluid from the reservoir so you can locate the broken piece. It's not a problem if you get air in that system. It actually self bleeds if you use the factory method (you do have access to the repair CD, yes?). Good luck on your fishing trip. eek.gif


After all of that be sure to only finger tighten the caps. They are very soft and seal adequately with a hand tightening.


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I guess it snapped because I was trying to fully seat the longer ABS bleeder plug. I don't even see the reason for them being there as the plugs seat at the top and not the bottom of the filler neck. Hope I don't have a problem digging it out. This is parr for the course I guess. Seems like nothing ever goes smooth for me when I do something. Think I will have a problem with my ministan sealing since I will probably have to shim it with the extra o-rings? Terry

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Too bad that piece wasn't magnetic. Go slow and avoid getting too frustrated; you will get it out with no more damage. On your funnel put a couple of extra O rings so it doesn't go too far. It's not critical if it weeps a little brake fluid.

On any spills flush with a sprayer filled with tap water and the spilled fluid will be washed away harmlessly. Don't get any water into your system though dopeslap.gif


Good Luck

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First things first, Willie. Using a syringe, suck all the fluid out of the rear reservoir and using a pair of tweasers, get that plastic tab out. If that gets drawn into the servo or a valve, your brakes would likely fail.


Once it's out, you should be home free. The three tabs are only there to provide a guage for the fluid level. Missing one won't cause a problem.


If you are using the newer bleed cap with the 02, you will need to shim it up. We use a 3/16" thick O-ring on our brake bleed funnels.


And, finally, don't screw the funnel in tighter than is necessary to provide a seal. Barely finger tight is plenty.

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Only got to do the wheel circuits today, but everything seems to be going smoothly. I attached a peice of fuel line on the syringe to get back in there hoping it would be big enough to grab that plastic tab. Lucked out clap.gif It was almost the very first thing to be sucked out. I was reading about the bubbles that some people encounter. AFTER I closed 2 of my bleeders, I had a few bubbles that kept coming out until I pulled off the hose. Am I right in assuming that these are the bubbles that everyone ignores? There was no bubbles in the line while the bleeder was open and the servos were pumping through the fluid. I shut the bleeder before I left go of the levers. Also, the little tab that I broke off is where you fill the fluid up to, right? Thanks, Terry

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Am I right in assuming that these are the bubbles that everyone ignores?
the little tab that I broke off is where you fill the fluid up to, right?
Right. But it's not all that critical. Absent the tabs, best guess will be fine.
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