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Using the "Track Back" function on a Garmin 276C


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I’ve been doing some experimenting with the “track back” function for navigating a saved track using a Garmin 276C and have a couple questions. First, I get no audio prompts, I only get a short visual queue at the bottom of the screen indicating a “change in course” when I come to a turn. Is this normal? This means that I have to “follow” the track lines on the screen showing which way to go. I was getting a little confused between my navigating of a saved track and seeing my active track at the same time in the same color. Is it a good idea to change the active track to transparent when using track back. It seems the track back function is really a marine function but can be used walking or riding. Any tips on best procedures for using the track back function would be appreciated. The book is pretty skimpy on the subject.

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