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need tires


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I am due for my first set of replacement tires since I bought a used 00RT. Any stong feelings for or against any brands/models? any suggestions on where to get the best deal on the net for them?


Thanks in advance.

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Check the archives on this website for lots and lots of tire discussion. For excellent prices on mail order tires check http://www.swmototires.com/

When you order at least two tires the shipping is free.

Michelin Pilot Roads were noisy but gave me just over 11k miles service. I really like the Z6 Metzeler tires even though they have a shorter lifespan. Got 10k from the front tire and 7500 miles from the rear.

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Huge, frequently discussed topic, can-o-worms here. Pilot Roads are popular, as are Metzlers, Avon Azaros, etc etc. Go to the search feature, choose the Bike Related Things forum, enter Tires as a key word and set the time limit to 1 Year. I just did that and came up with 250 posts.


It would be helpful for us to suggest a type of tire if we knew what characteristics you need. Are you looking for high mileage? Do you ride in the wet frequently? Do you prefer to do track days and/or carve sweepers all day?


Happy Reading!

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