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Europe tour


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Whether I retired or simply made myself unemployed is debatable but at the age of 53, disillusioned, frustrated and angry, I quit my job and took off on the bike round Europe. 7 weeks (and 8000 miles) later, I'm back home for a few days before leaving again Tuesday 11 July for the Faeroe Islands and then to Norway. Back home 29 July.


So far, I've been in France, Spain, Italy (briefly), Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, France (again), Belgium and Holland, taking it slow and stopping off where I wanted to stop. Had to ditch plans for Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, unfortunately, or commit to doing 500 miles a day and see it all going by in a blur - and that's not fun, IMHO.


I've posted pictures >>>>here<<<< . Some have comments / background info, some are not so good, and some are panoramic, built up from separate images. On the panoramics, sometime the sky colour hasn't blended right (only had a small laptop and simple software with me, but you'll get the idea!)


Most beautiful country seen: Slovenia, without a doubt.

Place I felt most "at home": Southern Germany.

Most embarrassing moment: being overtaken while descending from the Grossglockner Pass - by a racing bicycle <ahem> dopeslap.gif which I clocked afterwards at 78 mph.

Scariest moment: being so close to some complete, certifiable lunatic who'd do 78 mph on a pushbike while wearing about 3 ounces of Lycra. Not a pretty sight. eek.gif


Hope you enjoy. I have some more to post, and there'll be more again after the trip next week.






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Hey Mark ! What a trip ! Nice pics too.Many of them bring back memories. And yes... those crazy guys on their bicycles go really fast, without suspension, EVO-brakes, ABS..etc... unbeleavable isn't it crazy.gif

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Hi Mark,


great set of photos. Sheez.. we missed each other in Arromanches by just 10 days.


I particularly the photos of the Fuente and the cable car going through the clouds are great !


Haven't been to Croatia and those areas ever since the folks down there started shooting at each other. The landscapes and towns are magnificent...... but somhow not for me anymore.


Good call, leaving the job and doing something you REALLY like thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif



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