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Oh God! Another ESA thread!


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OK, so I've been reading through all the ESA threads and although mine appears to be working correctly, I'm not sure.


I can adjust the spring preload as described in the manual complete with flashing indicator and all that.


However, when setting the damping (comfort, normal, sport) I never get the flashing indicator, just the appropriate selection and that's it.


It also says the damping can NOT be adjusted while driving, but I'd swear it's changing when I change the selection.


So, if anyone with a nice, new, shiny 2006 R12RT could explain this to me, I would appreciate it.


So far, with 2000 miles on the bike it's pretty much what I was looking for this time.



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I second John's post and would add you might notice while changing dampening on the fly it takes several seconds before you notice the dampening is fully operating at the new setting. Each setting should have a noticeable character of dampening. I also believe the settings are influenced by speed in that the suspension firms within it's range as speed increases. I have been experimenting on some mountain roads nearby and the speed effect is noticeable. Add this possibility to the change in dampening rates within each preload it seems like we have 9 basic settings and these are modified by speed. Very cool stuff that the CAN bus affords by sharing information such as the speed signal between the I-ABS, ZFE, and the instrument cluster. thumbsup.gif

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Indeed, you can certainly change the damping on the fly. As said, when you scroll to a new setting, it will take a short time to change.

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Yes, the damping can definitely be changed on the move and the individual settings are very noticeable.

Having recently ridden a non ESA 12RT, I'm glad I paid the extra, as the performance of the suspension is far better.

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OK guys, thanks.


The manual said that the damping could not be adjusted while riding, but obviously that is incorrect as we've all demonstrated.


Was playing with the settings last night while making the midnight run across the Everglades (Alligator Alley or Interstate 75) and it worked just as we've described here.



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You're right, I recall coming across that section in the manual where it says damping can't be changed while moving too. I will reiterate what others have said however, it most definitely works while in motion. I'm basically lazy when it comes to suspension setup so the ESA is a dream for me.

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