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Hollister 2006 "Police Rally"...


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Did anyone else from the board make it to Hollister this weekend? My gosh, what an invasion of LEO's there was! Several thousand bikers did show up over the weekend even though there was no official event. An "UnRally" was formed with signs proclaiming it, but the "Un" was later changed to "Police" on many signs and T-shirts...


(And please make no mistake about my respect for LEO's - this post is not to slam them, or the incredibly hard job they do!) It just appeared that there were so many of them in Hollister, that they were expected to do something to "show the bikers the door" IMHO.


They were everywhere! 2-4 on every corner on foot, mounted police on horseback, every RT1150-P cruiser from departments all over the area, CHP vehicles of every kind, even 3 HELICOPTERS!!. I saw two motorcycle officers hiding behind a moving van, waiting to catch any stop sign rollers (thank God I stopped fully!) CHP cars were hidden behind trees, in gulleys (by RidgeMark golf course), and other places. It was unbelievable!


I saw several bikes being towed on ONE trip up San Benito street (one guy on a Suzuki sport bike and full leathers was pleading with them, really sad), single cars being pulled over by 4 CHP's on Beemers at a time, a friend got pulled over in his classic Corvette for not having a license plate on the front! He's driven it for many years like this without there being a problem...


The mood of the crowd was one of general disgust - Okay, the City of Hollister called off the event this year due to costs racked up last year for security, but there had to be Twice the police presence this year than last year! How much is that going to cost them?


Even the locals were warning us not to go anywhere near downtown due to the over-reaction of the LEO's. My mother-in-law was working a small Tri-tip booth for a fund raiser for the town's Rotary Club, and they were constantly being harassed by some food inspectors that had not been present at previous rallies! They finally wrote them a violation for "not having enough bleach in the ice bucket" where cold sodas were being stored! Bleach in an ice bucket???


It is a big political hot potato right now, and the mayor was quoted as being "extremely angry" with the way things were being handled. I hope the town council can work things out, it's been one of my favorite "shows" to attend in years past.



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