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Tourmaster Flex Jacket?


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Anyone here own one? It sounds like a near perfect jacket. Would like to hear from an owner. I'm ready to order. Thanks

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I bought two, one for my wife and one for myself. Great quality, CE guards, combo of wind breaker and insulated vest...no complaints. Mine was hard to find and I checked with several vendors. Finally found them through Dennis Kirk where they matched the lowest price I could find. I really have no negative comments.



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Bud (on these forums) just bought one and I had a chance to look at it. Seems well constructed and heavier than I thought it would be.


July '06 Rider magazine did a review of the product. As for keeping the water out, anything left in the outer pockets will get wet (since the liner is on the INSIDE of the jacket). BTW, that's likely to occur on any jacket where the liner is on the INSIDE of the jacket and where the manufacturer has not taken care to ensure the pockets themselves are waterproof.




Mike O

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