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clutch replacement shopping list


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for everyone who has ventured in replacing their clutch at home, what parts are needed?


01 21217666246 clutch housing 1 $272.00

02 21212333397 reinforcement ring 1 $11.00

03 11221341472 collar screw 5 $2.00

04 21212345597 diaphragm spring 1 $50.00

05 21212333022 pressure plate 1 $67.00

06 21217670454 clutch plate 1 $132.00

07 21212333023 housing cover 1 $141.00

08 21212332469 inner hex bolt (M6X20) 6 $2.00


these are all the parts listed at max bmw, do i need all of these or just the clutch plate. all help is appreciated!

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im still looking but could also use some help, im also looking for the part # for the clutch neutral switch.

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I had a similar post a while back that resulted in a nugget of information. Depending on your bike's manufacturing date, you may be better off buying the 'kit' for the clutch replacement.


Here's the thread


I made a few adjustments to my clutch - now it's working fine. Good luck on yours.



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Stan Walker

what parts are needed?


You won't really know until you take it apart.


You could add an input shaft to the "all the parts" list.....

And a slave cylinder too.


If I were opening an 1150 RT for a known clutch issue, I would have the clutch disc, diaphragm spring, the 6 screws, and a clutch slave cylinder on hand before I started the tear down. I would buy other parts only if needed.



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