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Aftermarket cruise control on 1150RT?


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I'm considering fitting an aftermarket cruise control to my 01 BMW R1150RT. I mean a proper cruise control, not a throttle lock or wrist rest.

(Yes it is an 01, they were released here (Australia) in 01 before being released in the USA in 02.)


I have found two alternative kits and I'm interested to hear from people who have actually fitted these to their bikes.


First up is a kit produced by MCCruise the details of which can be found at http://www.mccruise.com/store/bmw.html and sells for US$574.20 including shipping (to me) and Australian Sales Tax. They have a viewable pdf file of the general installation.


Second kit is from RTCruise and can be seen at http://www.blue-job.co.uk/RT%20Cruise/RTcruise%20Info.htm# and sells for US$739.62 plus shipping.


Have you fitted either of these?


Was the installation difficult/complicated?


Did you encounter issues not explained in the provided documentation?


Did they supply quality components?


Have you experienced failures since installation?


Are you happy with the performance?


Anything else you would like to share with a prospective buyer?



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I really thought these would have been popular but based on the lack of replies so far looks like I was wrong.

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I think most people make do with a throttle lock. The cruise controls look too complicated, too expensive and too much extra stuff on the handlebar. I am sure that others will disagree, but that's my feeling on the matter.

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Cruise control: my right hand. It's worked for about a million miles.


Backup cruise control: my Throttlemeister


Further backup: my left hand. Tricky, but it does the job thumbsup.gif

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Blue Beemer Dude

I looked into one of these systems way back when, and the concensus then was that BMW never fitted a system due to the dual throttle bodies on the RT and issues with same. I can't remember which system I looked at, but it was similiar to the RTCruise offering, and I didn't care for the price nor the way it looked (to me) like a cobbled-up automotive solution.


I was hoping that a better solution would come along, but it doesn't look like it.



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I really thought these would have been popular but based on the lack of replies so far looks like I was wrong.

I know they are popular with the ST1300 crowd. If you do a search at www.st-owners.com , you'll find tons of info.

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Chuck us yer email and I'll send the same thing. (Preliminary (incomlete) install manual for the R1150RT MCCruise unit)


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By scary I mean it is a lot more complex than I first thought and also requires permanent modification to the bike by cutting and re crimping throttle cables. Means that any future throttle cable replacement also needs to be cut and crimped at a new length.


I am still very keen to proceed though. Just need to build up my confidence on what to me is a complicated DIY procedure.

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Here is a cruise control being fitted on a K1100LT for about $100. I have thought about installing this on my RT but haven't yet. Might be another alternative for your consideration.


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Well yesterday Uggles and I took a ride down to MCCruise and caught up with Tony & Frank who showed us through their workshop. Must admit I was pretty impressed with the setup and the amount of work they have put into their product. This is a 100% fully designed for use on bikes (and quads) cruise unit, not a modified car kit like I thought at first.


Everything has been designed by them to the smallest details like the illuminated push button controls and even down to the circuit board designs and the impressive surface mount technology they contain.


They made us a coffee then showed us over just about everything, sort of like two proud parents showing off the kids smile.gif The attention to detail in their design and testing really was impressive. A couple of nice blokes too.


Bottom line is we both bought kits for our RT's and now have the documentation to read in detail and digest before starting to pull the bikes to bits and do the installation.


A bit of a heads up though, this is not a 2 minute job! I think after all the plastic is off the bike it will still take a first timer at least a day to do but more on that when I get around to doing it.


Must admit it is a little bit scary as it is a tad complex but having seen the quality of the componets and the invitation from Frank & Tony to call if we have any issues it should go OK.


Like I said though more on that at a later date cool.gif



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In closing the loop I have now fitted the MCCruise unit to my R1150RT (Thanks for the help Uggles).




Only had a few rides with it so far and still getting used to it but so far very happy and well worth the time, effort and expense.


A not so obvious but nice feature is the fact the buttons are backlit. The text is illuminated and without being over bright they do help illuminate the other controls on the left grip as well.


The red button on the grip is my PTT and not related to the cruise.

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