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Panniers: BMW vs Touratech


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Im trying to find a good set of panniers, im curious what everyone thinks about BMW's model (20 - 31 Expandable) versus Touratech's model. Any thoughts?

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Oh, and one more question if I may. Has anyone strapped a kiteboard to their bike? Im curious to see how this is done.


Thanks again!

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Bill Fowler

I had Touratechs on a GS and loved them. You can just about go nuts if you look at every type and brand that are available today.

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Jessie's for me. Had them on my GS along with a rear compartment and plate. The plate was perfect for strapping my Helen 2 Wheels bag on along with tent, sleeping bag, Therm-a-rest and the manditory Kermit chair! Helga(a good stout Bavarian female name)was a real two wheeled Humvee, pop-up-camper, and a squid pisser-offer on roads like the dragon. (especially with those big aluminum boxes on) If you do like I did you can save a few hundred by purchasing from Al Jesse's scratch-and-ding page. Mine were perfect as far as I could tell, must have been the slight "lemon peel" in the paint in a couple of spots.

You'd never know!


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