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R1200RT Failure to Go Through the start up sequence


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I have an 06 RT, occasionally when the key is turned from off to run the bike fails to go through the normal start up sequence (i.e., dash lights up, neutral light, etc.), maybe boot sequence is a better term for what it appears to be doing. Turning the key back to off and back to run and everything appears normal, bike starts and runs just fine.


It doesn't happen every time and it appears to be more likely if the bike has been sitting for awhile--say over night.


The only farkle I've added the taps into the CANBUS is HYPERLIGHTS and they are tapped into the power wire for the unused socket under the rear seat. HYPRLIGHTS have been installed awhile and this problem has only recently begun to occur.


The dealer hasn't heard of this one before and I can't recall seeing it on this site--any ideas?



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Now that I read my own reply blush.gif I think that holding the brake lever will only keep the ABS from going through its cycle and probably not affect the start or boot sequence.

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Hi, Pat:


I am curious, what actually happens with the bike, info display screen etc. when the problem arises?


If nothing at all, maybe you have an intermittent ignition switch? But will it start when that happens? Maybe the computer is fixing to crap out.



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Are you using the kill switch on the right handgrip? If turned off there, the setup sequence does not show up. Buckster

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Okay, in order--


No I'm not touching the brake lever.


The dash screen and computer display are dark as is all of the idiot lights--it's like the key was never turned on.


I guess it could be the switch or the chip in the key has some intermittant problem; although it always works on the second try.



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After 5000 miles, my 06 RT just started doing the same thing intermittently. I'll see what the dealer says next week when I have the 6K service done.

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Okay, I got back from the dealer and here's the scoop.


I had installed a blue seas fuse box that is powered through a relay. I used the green wire on the diagnostic plug under the passenger seat to activate the relay (as recommended in this forum). The dealer felt that since I was using the diagnostic plug wiring to activate the relay that this was somehow upsetting the CANBUS/Computer which in turn was causing my problems. When they plugged into the diagnostic plug sure enough they got a fault indicated. The SM recommended shifting to use power from one of the front parking lights to activate the relay since this circuit is not monitored by the CANBUS and it comes on and off with the key.


When I got home I removed the relay from its plug and immediately the start up issues disappeared. I have since re-wired to the front parking lights and everything is good.


The SM said that tapping into the diagnostic wires should be avoided, additionally BMW does not allow dealers to repair any part of the diagnostic harness--if damaged the entire harness needs to be replaced.


I pass this along because I got the idea to use the wire in the diagnostic plug from the forum--live and learn I guess. blush.gif

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Capn Pat, I'm glad to hear of the sensitivity of the busline. I'm going to be installing sup. brake lights in a GIVI top box. It still seem strange the relay coil load was enough to cause the system to hicup. I guess I'll ask my dealer where they pick up for GIVI top box brake lites.

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