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BMW Battery Charger Question


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Hi, and thanks in advance. I have a BMW charger for my '04 R1150 RT. Works great. It says in the instructions that I can use it with regular non-sealed batteries. My question: My KLR has an unsealed battery under the seat. I have an accessory lead from the KLR battery up to a cigarette lighter (from powerlet) style plug in the tank bag. Is it okay to charge the KLR battery by pluging the BMW charger plug into the cigarette lighter in the tank bag. I know I will have to use a cigarette lighter to BMW style converter for the plug. Other than that, any problem charging the battery via the cigarette lighter socket on the KLR? Thanks. Dean

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Go for it. The gel-compatible charger works with all lead-acid batteries as well. It's just the lead-acid chargers tend to shorten the life of the gel battery that's the problem.

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