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04 RT ABS malfunction


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Just prior to leaving for the BMWRA Rally in Idaho, my ABS is out!. The dealer tells me that the pump is not working, which is a $1700.00 item, plus labor. Thankfully, my bike is still under warranty with 17K miles. It will take a week for the part to arrive, due to the July 4th holiday. frown.gif


However, the Grand Rapids, MI dealer was kind enough to lend me a bike until the repairs are done, even though I did not purchase the bike from them. This dealer has a very reputable image in this area, and that seems to be the consensus of opinion in general. thumbsup.gif


G.E. Corwin

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Wow! that is an outstanding dealer indeed clap.gif They deserve your continued business.


I wish I could find a dealer like that in central CA.

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