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Ram mount


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Does anyone know if Ram-mount has a ball that attaces to the mirror mount hole on the clutch/brake lever housings? If so, can you give me a part #? I wanna add a SkyFi to my '96 LT.

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The link Eric gave you is about the best way to go.


They do make a mount for the mirror housing, however, you will have to provide your OWN bolt and buy just the ball from Cyclegadgets or R-A-M youself.


You may want to consider R-A-M's Aqua box as well.


I use the mount on the reply above and where they have the antenna, I mounted a ball there, and then an arm and my Ipod off to the side, so I have both coming off that mount, I use an Audiovox Xpress reciever, but should mount the same.



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