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Can't find address????


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Just got my Lowrance 500c. Vesion 1.7, the latest.... so, mounted it on my 04' RT, punched in the address to Quaker Steak and Lube in Valley View, Ohio and within seconds, "CANNOT FIND ADDRESS" appears....

So, I punched the same address into my Garmin Street Pilot Deluxe and lo and behold, there it is with directions. I then tried MAPQUEST, and it too found it without a problem.

Is this the type of response I can expect from this Lowrance? If so, it is going back. The restaurant has been in the same location for years. Hmmm, just a glitch I hope..... Jeff

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Just tried to find an address in Krebs, OK... can't find it either. What's up with this scrap. Should have kept my Garmin, it worked.... Jeff

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