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Must have add on? New RT


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I just bought a 06RT<pick up in the AM>. BMW is having a promo giving new owners of the RT $750 to spend at the dealer on BMW branded stuff. I don't need anything in the way of personal riding gear. Any suggestions -tank bag, security system or anything else?? I was curious about the radio since the bike is coming with the prep kit.. but $1400!. Is there anything from another vendor that can mount where the bmw radio would normally go? I used XM on my prevoius bike via a powered tank bag w/ etymototic ear plugs. I thought since the speakers and wiringwere already on the bike I might consider an amplified system. Thanks.... What would you spend it on!!?

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I checked out



to see stuff but no prices? any ideas on where they could be found online?Does anyone have the factory radio? Does it have a place for input from ipod or XM? Does it work well and can you hear it reasonably well. I was riding next to a guy on an LT, he said his worked very nicely.


Check here for accessories.


I have the radio. You can buy an cord which plugs into the back of the radio which you can use to attach your iPod, a few have done it themselves and say it works pretty well. Overall I'm happy with the radio on the bike and I will probably add the adapter cord when it turns cold since in involves removing a lot of tupperware. Also, if your dealer is going to install the radio, it will cost $$$ since none of the wiring exists for the handlebar controls even though you have the prep kit which best I can tell includes the wiring harness and speakers and maybe antenna.


You may want to look at headguards and highway pegs to start.

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I don't think you can get the large top box for $750. But at any rate I'd vote for the factory tank bag.

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Factory tank bag, some nice BMW socks with that silver stuff impregnated in the fibers so your feet don't stink as much at the end of the day, some BMW patches, BMW digital tire pressure gauge, etc. I know you say you don't need any riding gear, but BMW sure makes some nice stuff if you have any money left.

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Wow! I sure didn't get a $750.00 spree when I got my bike last month bncry.gif

Good on you, enjoy the extras, I would probably start with the tank bag and saddle bag liners. You can also order a BMW GPS mount for your 2610. That would take care of $750.00. That was easy grin.gif

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Thanks all, really. Wasn't that fun...spending someone else's $$$. Radio is tempting but sounds like tank bag and head protector, garmin mount are probably up on the top of the list. Followed the suggested link to Santa Cruz BMW/ tank bag $308 yikes. Do most people feel cylinder head protectors of some kind are needed? It that something that in hard riding will touch down before peg? Or more of tip over protection issue? I couldn't find the BMW mount for the Garmin on that site for part #/ price.


Thanks again for your suggestions


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Do most people feel cylinder head protectors of some kind are needed? It that something that in hard riding will touch down before peg? Or more of tip over protection issue?
I think it falls into the tip over protection issue. Besides, they are quite sleek compared to the engine guards of older bikes. The 1100 series were (I think) $109 for the pair. Easy on/off. Highly recommended even if you don't treat your RT like a GS. grin.gif
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First off, the radio maybe $1400, but it’ll be another $500.00 for install… Second get a Starcom (Autocom) with the Ipod adapter, you will be much happier in my opinion, especially since they came out with the earbud adapter (use earbuds with your system instead of helmet speaker way better sound).


Last but not least you have to get your scaled model of you bike (about $70) and save the rest incase you decide on an after-market seat...


Also in my opinion JPEGS are a must… Bag liners are nice. Cigarette lighter adapter for your power. $700 can go pretty quick, good luck…


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I thought the BMW tank bag was too bulky so I got a Tourtech flat bag. Love IT!($127) I just got back from a 6500 mile trip out west and I would have liked a back-up back rest. The Ztechnic windshield seems popular on this board, I might try it. JPEGS flip out from your heads and give you a place for your feet for a new position, some guys really like them some dont. I have the head protectors and like them, get the bag protectors. I got bar risers from Suburban machinery and like them but you may not be able to use your $750 on them.

Good luck on your search.


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wow, great source of info/stuff- found 15 things I've "got" to have. To those that use the non BmW tank bag. Are you using one now with straps and leaving the BMW mounting systmem in place or are u removing the stock tankbag mounting hardware.? has any one uses one of these http://ascycles.com/detail.aspx?ID=43735 a powerelet w/ tankbag combo. I like to run a V-1, garmin and XM when traveling. Trying for very clean install for power source and mounting . Not sure about how to procede. in that area. I did not see the BMW center mount for the Garmin 2610 on that BMW site. ,does anyone have an ez obtainable source for that.


Thanks to all ----nice to "meet" you.


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Tell me about this cord/adapter that plugs into the back of the radio and lets you use an iPod. That's exactly what I've been looking for, for my '05RT. I'm real interested. Thanks.

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It is a package under Part #71607687853

You get a Garmin motorcycle mount bracket with hardwire harness from your favorite GPS source. The Garmin bracket bolts to the above number that mounts everything between the handlebars. Clean and uncluttered thumbsup.gif

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