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new battery placement


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I need some help. I have a 96 R11RT. I need to replace the battery. What kind of battery and do I need to take all tupperware off?



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I don't have a recommendation for a battery but I will tell you that NO you do not need to take ALL of the tupperware off. Just the left side. After taking the left side off remove the air intake snorkel. You will need to loosen the air filter cover screws to do this. The battery will then slide out the left side of the bike. After sliding the battery part way you will be able to undo the positive battery lead. I believe you can get the negative lead with the battery in place.

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Eckhard Grohe

Odyssey PC680


And don't forget to buy the adapter if you want the battery to be upright. The negative cable is a bit short without this adapter. Mounting on the side is OK too but eerie.


HOW to do it.


Take seat off.


Remove left side tupperware


Remove air temp sensor cable on air filter cover. Press in wire clip thingee to release the connector.


Pop the 2 stainless clips on the air filter cover to the rear and lift off the cover.


Lift the snorkel up and back at the airbox and remove from the bike. It slides out. No need to remove the screw near the front.


Disconnect the ground and slip a plastic tube over it to prevent it from touching the ground terminal. It has a memory and seems to want to go back to whence it came.


Disconnect the positive cable.


Unclip the rubber band on lower left end.


Slid out the battery to the left side. Get ready to hold the weight of it. There is lead in them thar things.


Reverse order to install.

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RT riders here seem to overwhelmingly favor the Odyssey AGM battery but other AGM batteries such as the Panasonic (also sold as Westco) get equally recommended in other forums. I've used several Westco AGM batteries and am satisfied with how the work and last. One advantage of the Panasonic is that the terminal configuration does not require the angle adaptor that the Odyssey does.

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I just had to change mine out as well. The Panasonic LC-X1220P from www.PortablePower.com works very well. In fact, I believe it to have more cranking power than the Odyssy. Cost was 47.00 plus 10.15 for shipping; it arrived within just a few days. Man does it spin that motor too!

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The Panasonic is a larger capacity battery. I've been using them since about 1995. Just remember to replace them on a 4 year (or less) schedule. It's cheap insurance so you won't be stranded somewhere with a dead battery.



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