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Hi, former FJR owner looking hard at a new RT. Had the please of meeting a few of you guys in Gunnison recently. A couple of questions if I may? The dealer told me service intervals are 6,000 miles. Are valves adjusted/checked done every service? Do these bikes generally sell for list? What is the warranty situation with BMW if you do some of the service yourself, i.e. oil change, valve adjustment, etc.


Any comment about the bike in general as far as how it compares to the FJR. My main complaints with my 04 were buffeting, + engine heat, despite all the "fixes" and my knees, after a few hours in the saddle, just killed me- . Guess that's what you get for hittin 50+.


Perhaps I'll catch you at the next UN on an RT.



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Oil change & valve adjust are every 6k miles plus an annual service with a bit more service every other year at annual service time. I think these bikes do usually sell for at or pretty near list. There don't seem to be any stories of 'out the door for MSRP' like you usually hear for Honda/Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha's, sometimes BMW offers some relatively minor discounts or low % financing , if I remember correctly they knocked $500 off mine.


You are fine with the warranty if you do service yourself. In fact in the US you are by law, so long as you keep a record of the service. Super thorough people will keep receipts for oil and the like along with their records.


With regard to the FJR I haven't ridden one only sat on it a couple times but my general observations are that the RT seat is narrower, especially at the front than the FJR seat. Also the BMW seems to be setup for a slightly taller rider. I find it more comfortable in general than the JP bikes. Still you'll find plenty of custom seats, backrests, footpeg lowering, different windshields, and the like for the RT just like you would with any other bike.


If you're really interested you should go take a test ride. Most BMW dealers seem to allow test rides and often they encourage really long rides, like 30 miles or more, so you should have the opportunity to know for sure if the RT is for you. If you do don't forget your checkbook because its a hassle when you have to go home and get it. thumbsup.gif

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