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Oil level site glass ?


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Hello,I have 2003 R1150R with 2250 miles here on Long Island and the oil site glass will not show oil I dumped out all oil and put the 3.7 qts as per oweners book and no oil behind the glass any help would be great thanks in advance. Martin ps The bike sat most of the time with the first owner.

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Obviously you have adequate oil in the engine. In fact, you may have overfilled and the site glass looks empty. I would start the engine and watch the site glass. You'll likely see the oil disappear. Mind you, your oil pressure light will glow red for a few moments as the filter is filled and the system establishes pressure.


If so, ride the bike to operating temperature......easy......no wild throttle stuff. After a thorough heat up, put the bike on the center stand. Drink a beer………two.


Check the glass. If the site glass still looks empty, drain the new oil and put it back into the engine leaving out the last quart. Then, do the same ride exercise again. This time, you should see a low oil level in the site glass. Fill to mid-glass. All this is done on the center stand.


Next change, fill the new filter with fresh oil before installing it. Then, fill with three quarts. After the first ride, park on the center stand and wait for the oil to settle in the site glass and fill to mid glass.


I believe you have overfilled your engine.

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I agree that it's probably over filled. He can also have someone tilt the bike to the right while he looks at the glass to see if the oil disappears.

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...Drink a beer………two.


I recommend that you do not ride the bike again until several hours after you've had two beers.





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And depending on how much it is overfilled you may get oil weeping out of the filler plug. Happened to me once after the shop overdid mine.

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............Next change, fill the new filter with fresh oil before installing it. Then, fill with three quarts...........


How can you fit 3 quarts into that itty bitty filter? smile.gif

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If you put 3.75 quarts in and, as someone else suggested, fill the filter with fresh oil from the 3.75qts before you install it, you should be just fine. Then take the bike out for a ride, get it up to 5 bars and then do the sidestand to centre-stand tango when you put it away and THEN check your level. Don't fret about it too much unless you are totally anal like myself grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Here's the way to get as accurate a reading of your oil as possible:

Ride bike until properly worked up, about 30 minutes.

Park bike on side stand for 10 minutes (allows oil to drain from oil cooler)

Next, put the bike on the center stand.

Let sit for 30 minutes (this allows all the hot oil to drain from all the passages).

What you see is what you get.

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Jerry Johnston

Make sure your bike is level befor worrying. I used to check my oil every night after a ride and found that even though the bike appeared level it wasn't always. I started carrying a small bubble level with me and found that depending on which way the bike leaned the glass could look empty or nearly full. Now days I don't worry about it and just ride.

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Change oil per above instructions, ride to get it warm, park it on the side stand for 10 minutes. Now you can drink that beer. (or three) clap.gif Check the sight glass, if you see oil half way up the glass or better you're good to go. Ride it. Not after the 3 beers though...

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I take a much simpler approach. Ever since I bought these little stickers and affixed them to my sight glass, I've never had a problem...



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