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The call and the anti-call


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Comrades, I need some help.


After some months my mom has finally asked what I plan on doing with the money i've been saying. When I told her I wanted to buy a bike she imediatly reponded, "Oh, well you can't drive to Mexico on a bike." Mexico happens to be one of the first places I want to go.


I haven't even told her all my plans yet, and I feel she will not approve. I can go either way, but with out my parents backing me emotionally I feel i'll have a hard time.


What can I do to help sooth her resentment towards the two wheel vehicle? Has anyone else had to deal with this?

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Has anyone else had to deal with this?


Yeah, I have. My mother didn't want me to ride a motorcycle as long as I was under her roof. So I waited until long after I moved out. Didn't get my first motorcycle til I was 25.


Welcome to the board. wave.gif


What motorcycle are you thinking of getting?



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Yer mom is definitely right. You can't drive to Mexico on a bike. Ride YES, fly maybe, but definitely not drive. thumbsup.gifgrin.gif


And yes. I'd say a fair percentage of us have had to deal with this in some shape or form and that percentage just went and did it. Yer Ma will get used to it as ours have.


Give us some more background info and we'll see what we can do. Just don't get in over your head.


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My mom hated when I rode, raced and drove from the age of 12 up......

I stopped riding at 21... and re-started at 50. She did not mind anymore then, but still questions my sanity .... grin.gifgrin.gif


Seriously..... do the ONLY thing that could perhaps help a little.. LEARN some skills by taking good LESSONS and put SAFETY at the top of your list each morning. wave.gif


Hapy riding,


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First -- take the MSF beginning riders safety course. This will get you through the basics.


Second -- start small, stay small for a while. There's a reason the MSF course uses 250 cc class bikes. There's also reasons why most of the developed world has a system of graduated motorcycle licenses. We don't. You can pass your motorcycle test on a motorscooter with an automatic transmission, then go out and buy a race-replica sport bike or a two-liter cruiser. Some have. They may qualify for the Darwin awards, but they don't get a whole lot of sympathy from serious riders. In other words -- remember that you're riding the learning curve!


Third -- get off the road and into the dirt! Even if you have no interest in dirt bikes, a little off road experience makes you a much better pavement rider. You will learn how to control your bike in less than ideal traction conditions. You will also drop and pick up your bike several times, so remember the "Start small" and keep it easy to pick up!


Fourth -- ATGATT, or at least MOTGATT. (All The Gear All The Time, or at least Most Of The Gear Appropriate To Task.) I'm in the second category -- I will do errands and grocery runs wearing high-tops, jeans, mesh jacket, gloves and helmet, but when the day's activity is riding, boots and riding pants are a must. Helmet -- always. There's a lot of misleading bull droppings on helmet laws, and I'm not getting into it here. Just do the following: Sit on a motorcycle or bicycle. Hold a canteloupe or honeydew melon next to your head. Let it drop. Now clean the driveway before your dad comes home!


OK, that's enough soap box time!

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A lot depends on your circumstances. Your Mom seems to be ok with a bike (good for her), just uncomfortable with a long trip, and this could be irrespective of bike, car, hiking, etc. Get a practical touring bike (a repli-racer may not be a good choice) and take some time to discreetly show her that you’re serious and responsible (training, gear and accessories). While she may never be 100% enthusiastic, she will most likely give 100% support when she recognizes that you are making every effort to cover-off potential safety concerns.


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Since you're new to the moto community... You drive a car & you "ride" a motorcycle.


good advice given here, but you're mom... well she's your mom.


Taking a riding course might help mitigate her concerns and make you a better rider faster.

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...she imediatly reponded, "Oh, well you can't drive to Mexico on a bike." Mexico happens to be one of the first places I want to go.


Here's some evidence you CAN ride to Mexico on a bike:


Copper Canyon Adventure

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When I was 16 I needed some wheels... a car just wasn't within my price range so one day I told my Mom: "I think I want to buy a motorcycle"...I then paused...waiting...waiting.. no bad words yet... and then she says "Hmmmmnnn... You know..Your Father and I toured Europe on motorcyles before you were born" "Huh?" eek.gif I say. So she says.... "We rode Hondas... bikes must be in the blood... let's go down to a shop and take a look." One week later a bike was being dropped off at the house. thumbsup.gif

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It's you Mum's instinctive reaction to worry about you and she should be commended for her concern.

You certainly don't want to strain the relations between yourself and your parents. Eventually you'll need to be having this conversation with her instead of us.

Declare your intentions and include your Mum in your plans so she also feels part of it ...and don't forget to bring her back a nice gift from Mexico. thumbsup.gif

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My mum lives next door, I'm 50 next birthday and she still hates me riding. Whenever our conversations drift towards motorcycles, she will find any excuse to change the subject. But its built into our mothers genes, she's born to bring us up and to worry about us till the end of time, there's nothing we can do about it. Personally I feel lucky and privileged to have her still with me. I wouldn't change a thing.


Steve Carter

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