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R12S Ohlins on an R12ST???


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Looking at upgrading the factory shocks to Wilbers or Ohlins. A thought crossed my mind about fitting the optional Ohlins shocks available for the R1200S onto my R1200ST.


First. is there anything difference between the R12S shocks and the ones that the ohlins wweb site recomends for the R12ST? (features, type, or characteristics)


If so, would there be issues trying to install them on an ST?

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Hmmmm, not sure.


But, if you remember our meeting at the River City Beemers ride, I have just ordered (3 weeks ago) Wilbers for my ST.


I will post once they arrive and I have set a time to do the install. You can come up and help, errrr . . . I meant watch, to get an idea of what it involves.


One thing that I would not be surprised to see with the S vs ST is that there may be a stock ride height variance.


Maybe David (NakedRider) will be able to chime in here as he has the ST and just took delivery of that pretty, shiny black S with the Ohlins setup.


As for the springs, that should be set for the rider as the factory usually sends everything out with a baseline of about 170-180 lb. rider so I would make the suggestion that if you are buying an aftermarket suspension, get the spring rate made for your body/mass/weight/tonnage.

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Yes Phil, I remember the conversation. I wouldn't mind 'documenting' your install.


I'm not set on ohlins but I didn't want to get something then find out that I should have got the S equipment for some tiny reason. If they're the same as the basic recomendation on ohlins site then I won't sweat it and go back to the ohlins/wilbers thoughts. I have an request into wilbers for some additional info.


Even after all of that, what ever is decided just goes on this very large wishlist I maintain.


GPS vs. shocks vs. larger turbo for the cage, etc.

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My wilburs come Monday! Just in time since I sacked the rear shock in Utah 10 days ago at least I got most of the fun riding in Colorado done before it turned into a pogo stick. My buddy thought I was just bitchin until he sat on the bike and bounced just getting on it. When the stockers go away there is nothing left!

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