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RT Windshield


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Here's a new one, I think. At least I haven't seen any discussion on the particular subject. I'm pretty sure this is not related to the "sticky switch" subject we saw a few days ago.


I make regular use of the adjustability feature of my 2005 R1200RT windshield. I can always find a suitable position for a particular circumstance when I'm riding, so I move it rather frequently. Bike has about 20k miles on it.


On a recent 4,000 mile, 10-day trip I noticed that the shield would not go up quite as far as it once did, and the upward limit of travel seemed to get lower as the trip went on - only a little bit, but noticeable. I cycled it fully - all the way down to all the way up - on a couple of occasions and everything was fine (no sticky switch, binding, etc.) except it just wouldn't go all the way up.


When I parked it at home at the end of the trip and turned the key off, the shield cycled all the way down and then all the way up on it's own without me touching the switch or anything else. Now, it seems to be working as per normal.


Strange, methinks! Anyone got any ideas on this one?

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My sticky switch got unstuck when bike is in garage and cooled down. So obviously the black housing expands enough to get it stuck. Will see for a while how it behaves.


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