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Anyone bought a Touratech Kahedo seat to replace stock riders seat on R12RT??


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If you have replaced the stock seat on your R12RT with a Touratech High end Comfort Kahedo seat what do you think of it?? Did it fit ok with the stock pillion seat? (my wife find the stock seat comfortable)

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I have not bought one yet but would also be interested to learn of others who have. I have had my R1200RT since June 2005 and have about 25,000kms (18k miles approx) on the clock, I have to say I find the seat fairly uncomfortable on my 1.5 hour commute to work each day, I find myself feeling as though I am not centred on the bike and shift from one side to the other, I would like to get a seat which is more like some I have seen on the R1150RT which is more rounded and centers the rider more effectively.



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Am looking to replace the stock seat as I too find it v uncomfortable after about an hour or so, especially in tailbone area. Idealy some more thigh support would be good and a different shape. I've tried everything, including Airhawk cushion to no avail. Wife is happy with stock passenger seat. I cant really afford to risk spending over £500 on Sargeant heated seats that I cant test before hand (though they do look good) so I thought the Touratech might be a good compromise

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