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Thermometer/oil level fixes


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Just saw on Jeff Dean's website that there are 2 Service Bulletins for warranty fixes for the computer oil level and thermometer problems on 2005 RTs. Anybody have them done yet? If so, do they really work?

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Don't know about the oil level one (My oil level checker seems to be the only one that works absolutely fine).


I assume the thermometer one is where the sensor is moved from above the rear wheel to the front fairing (together with a software amendment). I've had this done and its not bad. Much more consistent and also less rain affected. On starting, the temperature tends to be spot on; after 6 to 7 miles, it suddenly climbs about 2C too high. Don't know why (might be electrical, might be heat from the oil cooler, might be something else) but I can live with it.

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My oil level checker works fine as well. Now that I understand how it works I actually find it reasonably useful. My thermometer starts out reading very low and then rises to a temperature that is consistently 2.5C below the actual air temp. I am fine with that as its close enough and I can do the math easy enough. Since everything seems to be working fine on my bike I am bit reluctant to have any software updates done.

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