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Hi from NC


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I'm Mike from Southern Pines, NC. I have an '05 R1200st that's just getting going. I have about 3500 miles on it. I've had no problems and since 600 miles have been ringing it out pretty good. It's getting smoother and smoother as it breaks in. I've had some weekend trips on it to the mountains which have been a lot of fun and I'm leaving on about a 4000 trip in a week or so. Just wanted to inroduec my self and express my appreciation for the website and information. thumbsup.gif

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Hi, Mike-


Welcome, and have a good ride. I love riding N. Ga., W.N.C., E. Tenn. you name it. You lucky Ba####d!

I've had my ST about 15 months and 12,500 miles. Getting better all the time.

Keep in touch.



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Bill Murray

Mike, welcome to BMWSPortTouring.com. wave.gif I am also a fellow North Carolina R12ST rider -- 3,600 miles and climbing. The ST is a great machine. When time allows, perhaps we can meet somewhere and get acquainted.

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if you are ever out in the new bern/havelock neck of the woods, let me know...hey we even have waffle house now, we are VERY cosmopolitan...



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Hello Mike!! wave.gif


Welcome to the group. Glad to hear there is yet another one of us enamored R1200ST types. Hope to see you on the road sometime.


Welcome, enjoy, pictures!


What color ST? thumbsup.gif

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Sounds like the beginings of a NC BBQ Ride mission! grin.gifthumbsup.gifgrin.gif


I would like to go...sometime...


I already used up all my 2005 vacation time frown.gif none of it riding bncry.gif



Maybe next year!


Congrats on the ST! I know I love mine and MI roads are nowhere near as nice. grin.gif

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I have an 05R1200ST up here in Raleigh, NC. Mine is dark graphite and blue. Have 6,000 miles on it so far. Wife and I are leaving for West Virginia tomorrow. Hope to hook up with you soon.

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Welcome Mike I am in Statesville NC. Its nice to live 30 min from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Shoot me a pm when youre headed up this way. Im leaving Sunday for a 4500 mile trip to SD on the RT.

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