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Best battery for 04RT


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Does anyone have an opinion as to the longest lasting battery for an RT? My 04 RT is going to be in need of one in the near future. Thanks in advance. confused.gif

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I abuse my Odyssey - long periods between rides, forget to connect the charger, etc. Total neglect.


Three years worth of this malicious ownership and it cranks like the day it was new.


Listen to Ken.

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The Odyssey PC-680 is a direct replacement.


On some bikes there may be slight issues with your battery cable lengths. If you do, you have two basic options: Make (or purchase) a couple of metal terminal extenders, or install the battery on its side.


Most people do the latter. The AGM battery is totally indifferent as to what orientation it is setting.

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Jerry Johnston

I have to agree with everyone's opinion that Odyssey is the best. I replaced the battery in my 96rt five years ago and when new I had occasional ABS errors even though I had it on the charger when not in use. Last fall I started getting errors every time I started the bike and the Westco rplmnt was 5 yrs old so I bought a new Odyssey. So far no errors and the bike sits up to two weeks without being on the charger.

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I put an Odyssey in last year and it was crap. Wouldn't reliably start the bike or hold a charge. Probably it was just a bad one, but, it can happen. Buy it from a seller who will stand behind it.

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