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Etymotic earphones


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Anyone that has a set of the etymotics, in my case the ER6's, they will replace them with a new set, out of warranty, for about 70$ shipped to your door. Mine developed an intermittent short after 2 years of use. expensive, but less than a new pair!


Just passing on the info

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That's great to know, thanks for the info. I have Er6i's and love them, but cringe every time i take my helmet off and yank the leads..

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Don't yank on the leads, reach in there and give the body a little twist to break the seal formed in your ear canal. The things will just pop right out. Etymotic even cautions against this in their documentation. When all else fails, RTFM.


As to improving the longevity of the things, I have found that routing the wire up inside my riding jacket or even under my shirt on those rare occasions (every day on the way to work) I choose not to go ATGATT. The weak point on the wiring is the little junction where the wire splits into individual leads for the phones. Keep that from flapping in the breeze and you'll get a long service life.

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Although I don't use the ER-6 (doh! wink.gif), I run the wires behind my neck and use a clip from a hands free cell phone set attached to the cord just below the junction and clipped the collar of my shirt. That keeps the more fragile areas from flapping in the breeze.

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