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Shock adjustment on a non ESA RT??


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Well I pickup my new 06 R1200RT on Friday in red, of course and I can't wait!!


I've been speanding a lot of time on this board lately to say the least. What a great board, lots of info on all the BMW bikes and my new favorite, the R1200RT.


I've read a lot on the ESA set-up and operation but no one ever says anything about the standard shocks.


I ordered my bike with the standard shocks because it's a new and very expensive system upon replacement. So my thinking was I'll save a few bucks on the purchase and when it comes time to replace.


Can anybody comment on the standard shocks and there operation, the ease of use and so on?


Any comments would be great!


Thanks Again!



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The non ESA rear shock is adjustable for spring preload and damping. I have adjusted my preload to be about 6 clicks higher than "STD" and the damping adjustment I have set to the basic setting.

The front is non adjustable.

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Congrats on the new bike, my friend. thumbsup.gif


I can't really help you out on the shock adjustment issues you raise as my bike has the ESA.


I'm sure other people infinitely more knowledgeable than I will be responding with wisdom.


BTW, you'll love your new bike... and RED is the fastest color !!! wink.gif

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Hi, Steve-


The shock settings depend entirely on how agressive of a rider you are, how much you weigh and how much "kit" you take with you. Generally, agressive means more damping and spring and trolling around means less of each. A lot of it is also personal preferance. Do you like a soft feeling or a taught one? Try the different settings, using the standard settings as a starting point, and go from there.



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